By Maik Jonietz, on Unsplash

Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS)

Ann Arbor, MI

Spring 2020 - Present

Web Developer  While working at MIDAS, I was responsible for redesigning many pages to bring a more consistent, modern look and feel to their whole website. From the Homepage to the COVID-19 page, I was dedicated to creating dynamic, functional, and beautiful webpages. On pages like MIDAS Funded Projects, I transformed the previous static design of the page into a dynamic page by taking an object-oriented approach and creating custom post types. This allowed for easier creation and maintenance of projects and also gave the ability to dynamically sort and search projects to help users find exactly what they are looking for. I continued to build dynamic solutions for MIDAS by transforming the static Reproducibility Resources and Research Datasets pages into robust, easily sustainable pages.


Norwalk, CT

Summer 2019

Web Developer  While working at Scrum50, I gained valuable first-hand real world web development experience. The Scrum50 workspace uses the Scrum framework for agile development, production, and maintenance of complex projects. I was exposed to many different web development frameworks such as: Simple CMS using Wordpress, Object-oriented web development using Advanced Custom Fields and custom PHP, Thorough version control using Git Flow, Continuous Integration with CircleCI and Azure, Container-centric development using Docker, Website auto-compiling using SCSS, Gulp.js, Node.js, along with the help of npm. I worked developing and improving Scrum50's production website and got to experience workflow of working directly on a client website.

Next Level Camps

New Rochelle, NY


STEM Instructor  Dedicated to helping campers, ages 8 to 16, explore and develop their skills and interests to attain the “Next Level,” this six week day camp offers a combination of half-day sports and activities with a half-day STEM Program led by experienced educators and assisted by STEM degree college students and passionate STEM high school students. Examples of STEM program include Rocketry; Tech Art; 3-D & Printing; Digital Storytelling; Circuitry; and Game Development.